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Drawing on more than two decades of experience helping clients, from individuals to corporations, with a focus on social networking, Kami Evans helps build brands and talent management through social networking. Capitalizing on expertise, reputation and growth, as a social networking extraordinaire and certified coach, she supports clients in achieving corporate branding while sourcing their talent management initiatives. Her innate interpersonal skills and cultivated knowledge of the corporate structure, enable Kami to build and nurture networks like none other.


As a result, opportunities are met and more than branding is achieved. In 2004, Kami wrote and published The Next Step - A Guide to Professional Responsibility, which shares her client development acumen. In 2003, she became director of business development in both the New York and London offices of Tefen. Kami was responsible for growing the general manufacturing and life science sectors of the international management consulting firm. In 1997, Kami co-founded Newton Solutions, Inc., a Professional Services firm with markets in the Americas that expanded to Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Tasked with enhancing brand development throughout the United States and United Kingdom.



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