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Story of a 12 year old File Cabinet

12 years of a well traveled file cabinet 

The history of a 12 year old File Cabinet: The file cabinet is a black 4 drawer file cabinet that we packed in London 12 years ago and brought it back to USA when I was pregnant with our first child. This file cabinet was packed by movers and was moved from London - to storage to our NYC apartment back into storage then to our first rental in Westport to another home we bought in Westport then to storage to go to Austin - we never made that move - back to Westport then to our home in Fairfield. Still wrapped in its BRITANNIA paper it was never moved by us. We always had movers bring it from one place to another. We always had debates as to where we would put this file cabinet and where to store it through out the 12 years. FINALLY two months ago as we started get rid of belongings and said we should open up this file cabinet and decide if we want to bring it back with us. Tony unwrapped it with great anticipation with me by his side to see what was in it. Could it be wedding pics or certificates or even a random file from someone. You will never believe what was in it. NOTHING. Not a darn piece of paper or staple. Can you imagine the amount of discussions dedicated to an empty file cabinet? Goes to show you that you shouldn’t carry the burden when it’s just all air. #12yearsofair #filethisunderempty #ithasnothing 

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