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How one teacher helped me to STOP and LISTEN 

Life is fast and sometimes we need to just ............ STOP and LISTEN The other day our daughter shared she liked playing basketball and how she was getting most of the shots. Like a busy mom I was like that’s great - now go grab your bag and let’s get back home. Then I walked out of school a few days later and was stopped by the gym teacher. He made sure to tell me our daughter has a great shot and because of her arm being stronger on one side she has a “gentle touch” when shooting baskets. Most kids try to shoot with both hands in the beginning and our kid was a bit of a natural. Since she has more strength on one side she was just making most shots. I then realized I need to STOP and LISTEN. As her parents we are constantly pushing our kiddo to make her strengthen her other hand and not even realizing she might have a natural talent. It’s what we are conditioned to do - but maybe I can fix that. So today as you encourage your child to fit in try to find what their super power is - what their natural talent is and let that thrive over everything else. If your child is a picky eater - maybe they will become a future food critic. If your child can’t sit still and needs to move at every meal - maybe they are a future athlete. If your child likes to scream at every event - maybe they are a future singer. One of our kids loves to break things - like it’s an art - so I tell her that is her super power and maybe she will be a future engineer. How can it get better than this? What else is possible and don’t forget to STOP and LISTEN. 💗💗💗💗 . . . . . . . #listen #parentsalwayslearning #kidsgotgame #netball #teachersrock #thankyou #familygoals #lifeisbeautiful #basketball #hoops #kidsrock 


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