When I was bullied in middle school and met a cool friend.

In 8th grade I graduated from Cloonan Middle School in Stamford CT. It was the early 80’s and I am Iranian - to say I was bullied would put it mildly - bus rides sucked. The cool girls would call me a bitch - I was like wow they know me - the cool girls know me - oh they called me a bitch. 

My Parents were divorcing so I didn’t let them know anything about the bullying - they had their own problems. I had short hair, I played the cello, my name was pronounced “command” - oh that was fun, my family only hung out with other Iranians and it was peak “Iranian Revolution” time. You know - when people would put Mickey Mouse with the middle finger up - ah another fond memory of my childhood.

So when I met Tara and she didn’t bully me and was like this super cool British girl that would dress like Madonna and wear white lipstick