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When I was bullied in middle school and met a cool friend.

In 8th grade I graduated from Cloonan Middle School in Stamford CT. It was the early 80’s and I am Iranian - to say I was bullied would put it mildly - bus rides sucked. The cool girls would call me a bitch - I was like wow they know me - the cool girls know me - oh they called me a bitch. 

My Parents were divorcing so I didn’t let them know anything about the bullying - they had their own problems. I had short hair, I played the cello, my name was pronounced “command” - oh that was fun, my family only hung out with other Iranians and it was peak “Iranian Revolution” time. You know - when people would put Mickey Mouse with the middle finger up - ah another fond memory of my childhood.

So when I met Tara and she didn’t bully me and was like this super cool British girl that would dress like Madonna and wear white lipstick - I couldn’t believe I had a cool new wave friend. 

We went to high school and eventually her family moved back to England. I remember once she called me from the airport sharing her mom is moving her and her brother back and we both cried. At 16 and those types of things were earth shattering. 

Every time I would meet someone British I would ask - do you know Tara? Even when I started to date my husband - I had to ask - just Incase she was an ex . Oh it’s exhausting in my head - trust me lol. 

After many years of trying to find her we finally reconnected on LinkedIn - I even told another friend who had no idea I was trying to find her and she was like - oh yeah - I see her every time I am in London 😳.

So two lessons I can share from this story:

1. Be nice to the weird kid because it means more than you think.

2. Be sure to ask friends if you know the wereabouts of other friends. 


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