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Top 9 places to travel in England with family

Top 9 places to visit with kids in England Sure everyone always goes to London - why not - but England has so much more. Here are my top 9 for when you visit Blighty that takes you from London and beyond. Best time to book is summer since the days are so long - it’s still light and bright out until 9-10pm - the further north you go the longer the Day is.  Greenwich - why not visit the actual location of GMT - you will find the line and have a picnic or check out the history in boats. It’s a beautiful day out. Warwick- this beautiful part of England only 90 minutes north of London offers its own Castle and parks to enjoy. The local shops curate beautiful finds and you can just eat about anywhere. Enjoy your day in the Country and stop by my absolutely favorite Aspire - I still have clothes from 10 years ago. Stratford upon Avon - this is Shakespeare Country - go find out more about the writers, take in a play or even ride on the Canal Boat - you can ride for an afternoon or a few days. Think of it as a floating RV and upper arm workout. Hire One to drive or go on a charter. It’s worth a go. Oxford - obviously this location is rich in history. Between the University, the abundance of culture and shops. They have the Cotswolds - it’s a short drive and they have the sweetest little village. I’m taking it’s a mini village that kids love walking through. Just adorable. Stoke-on-Trent has the Wedgewood Estates - you know that beautiful porcelain that you have on your bridal registry, go visit where it all started. You can enjoy an afternoon tea, paint on actual Wedgwood and it’s very kids friendly - yes I know. The grounds are beautiful too so you and the kids can enjoy walking and taking in all the sculptures on the grounds. Alton Towers - you know your family will give you the award for Best Parent Ever if you bring them here. Everyone in England knows about Alton Towers - but outside of England you probably don’t. You can go for the day or stay in one of their hotels. It’s all self contained, super kid centric with a village for the under 5 and then scary rides for others. Be ready to get soaked since many rides have a water feature and once you are in all the rides are included. We stayed onsite and it’s was very busy and load in the hotel since they had constant shows and activities. Your rooms are all themed so we chose Charlie & Lola’s Room. It was super cute. Be ready to speak up when you arrive and don’t be afraid to change out your room. They do have a Birthday Sleepover Room that all the kids want - music and disco all night long. Bath - well this is a magical place that many have written about in novels and just beautiful. You would come here for a weekend away and enjoy the shops, restaurants and more. Make sure to bring your wallet and camera. Manchester - this is an international Hub for the middle and north of England. It offers many of the same interests down in London and everyone is so incredibly friendly. You will find stadiums, shops, restaurants and more. Go check out a local game and be sure to sit in “family friendly seating” - trust me on this. You can fly direct into Manchester but flights are limited so book early and enjoy! Yorkshire - go North - way north. This is where the country is absolutely gorgeous. It’s like a movie scene - between the bridges, the Farms and the people it’s just a beautiful place to enjoy. Take a train ride up and see the country as a way to enjoy this part of the world. It always amazes me how green England is - you will always find Farms on your ride up north and it’s just very sweet to take a step back and enjoy. Make sure to enjoy a Yorkshire pudding when you arrive. It’s a beautifully tasty bread served with your meal and just soaks up the gravy and veggies. Often they are as big as a pancake. Worth every calorie since you will walk it off in the country side. Get ready for our next Top 9 - it can be anything and anywhere. Looking forward to sharing more with you 🇬🇧🇬🇧

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