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My Top 9 - Apps and Services everyone should know about

I’m all about Making life easier - what I like to call “Kamcierge Service” so here are my top 9 favorite Apps and Services that you should know about and make sure to investigate further on your own. 1. Shoreline Integrative Pharmacy - the local parents have developed a holistic haven for families and will deliver prescriptions. Check it and call them up.

2. Uber Eats - mostly all of the local restaurants are available - two things to be aware of - Service charge and you tip after delivery. It can add up but sometimes convenience has a cost. You can download the app to make it easier.

3. Seamless Web - this has been a great staple since our days in NYC. The plus the service charge is minimal since they charge the restaurant. The minus is not many are on the site. So you have to find your favorites and stick to those.

4. Instacart - ok ok ok - this is by far my guiltiest pleasure. It’s like having your own personal assistant - you can seek out local grocers and national ones. In my area we can order from Stew Leonard’s, Balducci’s, WholeFoods, PetCo and CVS. The other day I needed detergent and my delivery showed up in 30 minutes. Pro - super convenient, Con - Service charge and tipping. If you buy $200 of groceries they will give you the option to tip 10% - $20 is a lot since it has a service charge too. But the personal shopper aspect is a huge plus. 

5. VanGo - I just found out about this Service from a great friend. They are a child friendly car service focusing on the 12yo plus market - bringing kids to and from sports and events. Every driver is background checked but I know as a parent I would make sure to do my own extra check on drivers too. It’s a necessity in our society and worth investigating. 

6. Quodjobs - this is your goto for needing any student to support you. It is a market place so if you post your need then students respond. You can ask for Sitters but also seek out a proposal writer from an MBA student too. The owners have been succeeding in this market for four years so it’s been proven and worth checking out.

7. Fiverr - if you have a new Business and need some support - seek out additional experts on this app. They have resources on a global scale but you can find people to help with media kits, social boosting or even branding Support. Just be clear about what you need and once you agree to the finished product the provider gets paid.

8. 99designs is my goto for website and logo design. They have a pool of resources that can help you with branding and design. You post your requirement, your budget and then 30-50 designers submit designs for your perusal. Some are ok but you will find a few that are out of this world. My logos have been developed by one of their resources and I just keep going back as needed. Just make sure to negotiate price and time frame in advance. They also need your approval to be paid.

9. TheRack - I had to add One shopping app of-course. This is my favorite app for deep discounts that’s apart of Nordstrom’s. You can purchase cashmere for pennies on the dollar and they offer something for the entire family. Just be careful to not double click. Sometimes I wind up with two purchases instead of one. If you have a service or app you want me to learn about - just send a message and let me see if it fits our “Kamcierge Service”. ❤️ 

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