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Spread     the Faith

Today my family went to church as we try to do every Sunday - it's a challenge to focus and motivate everyone but today we made it. We love our parish and I can't say enough good things about it. Today was very different - after I received communion I walked by this woman - she looked like everyone else. Her face was so serious and I was motivated to ask her if I can give her a hug. If you know me I barely shake people's hands and even though I try to help people as much as I can some of my friends joke that I act like Shirley McLaine from Steel Magnolias - a bit stand offish. Anyway I asked her if I could hug and she teared up. I didn't know what her story was but I couldn't find her after. Then at the coffee reception I saw her and told her I hope I wasn't to forward - she shared she had a house fire and living in a shelter in Westport - it's truly one of the most supportive ones. She also had to let her son who is in elementary school live with another family while she was at the shelter. I couldn't and hope never to be challenged with such difficult decisions in my life. But as I find myself during this time of year able to support people in need - so I will and I ask you all to share ways to help others. It can be time, a meal, any possible way to share outreach for those in need. Post, share at your church, synagogue or any place of worship. So many of our neighbors are to proud and scared too ask for help. If you also want to help please also donate to the Women's Shelter in Westport if you can. 


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