Fairfield CT - Horses, Beaches, and Family Life

We moved to Fairfield two years ago and I was worried that I would lose our little life we built in a neighboring town. Would we still have access to the shops we got to know? Would our wonderful friends come and visit us? Would we enjoy the "new beaches" that we never went to? Would we find our "tribe" in Fairfield? There were so many things to think about when we crossed the border - and this is what we found out over the past two years. We found out the drive to neighboring town was not far. We still got to enjoy the little shops we had learned to love. But we also doubled up and got to know all of the beautiful boutiques in Fairfield such as Lattice House, Fig Linens and Home, Swim n' Surf of Fairfield, Saltwater, and many more family owned businesses living the American Dream. We also got to satisfy our love of ice cream at our favorite Saugatuck Sweets Fairfield, too! They opened a location downtown that is incredibly community-based and has an upstairs room that is great for parties. The beaches are amazing; I couldn't believe how beautiful they are year-round. You can also occasionally spot a family riding horses on the beach during the cooler months. It's pretty magical - like a movie scene. The food scene is out of this world! You have choices like Nom-eez, Artisan Restaurant, Bodega Taco Bar Fairfield, and Fairfield Cheese Company to name just a few. Fairfield has abundant historical sites, which are great learning opportunities for kids. There's the The Burr Homestead, the Fairfield Museum and History Center - and who doesn't love the cozy Pequot Library? They have a fireplace by which to cozy up and read a book. It's like a little castle to our kids. If you want to ride horses, just drive through Greenfield Hill and learn more about Salko Farm. It's an amazing place to learn about riding and caring for those beautiful creatures. You will find loads of local horse farms during your drive. The entire town of Fairfield has a huge heart for animals. We even found our rescue pup from local animal activist Amy Scarella of LBDR. She is constantly connecting families with her pups; once she even matched a family with a pig that was looking for its forever family. You can also book a weekend getaway at our favorite: The Delamar Southport. We recommend you enjoy a meal at The Artisan restaurant there, too. It is a family-oriented place that is especially great