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Going off Social Media

5 things I learned while being off social media for a long weekend. 1. Life still continued on line with out me. I didn't lose any friends - and people who became curious about my break, called me. So I got to catch up. 2. I saw more people out and about than I usually do - I guess when you are looking up from your screen you see your friends in real life. It was great reconnecting and saying hi again! 3. I like to work out to music more than posting online. I couldn't believe I actually ran for the first time in years and have a new anthem - "Live Your Life" by TI and Rihanna #papertrail 4. Every moment during my day, had purpose - from going to watch my kids activities, to Church and seeing old friends again. You can't replace face to face conversation - that's why my cards only have my cell on it - you need me - call me. Don't fill up my email inbox. 5. I love social media - it's such an amazing platform for sharing information, shining a light on causes and great way to spread the word on just about anything. Like anything in life - people use it as best as they can. Some people troll - others post 45 times a day 🙋🏻 - while many are just cringing at what is being posted. I will continue to be of service, doing my part to help my community and friends. What else is possible? How can it get better than this? 

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