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Happy Mother's Day - from a Late Bloomer

Late Bloomer: To say I was a runaway bride is pretty accurate. When I first met my husband, I knew he was the one who would finally get me to City Hall. Truth be told, I did the wedding planning thing and got the dress and sent the invitations -- only to cancel everything two weeks before the actual wedding. Yes - ouch!!! Yet, I survived, like most people do. So, when Mr. Evans came into my life, I knew we would elope. When the big day finally arrived, it seemed like it was the coldest day in 100 years. At minus 40 degrees, pipes burst and our marriage was conducted by a woman in a hat with ear warmers. It was a classic New York moment. We knew it was going to be an adventure and it still is. We had our first child in 2007 and I remember being so happy -- or hormonal -- that I had her sleep next to us while we ate Chinese food and I kept crying like a baby. You know how the fourth trimester makes some of us moms wackadoodle. She is still a miracle child, especially since we had her later in life. We then got blessed with baby #2 -- another girl -- apparently that's what we make. She is also a miracle since I had her at 42. I think to myself now that I would have had one more child if I was 10 years younger -- but I'm so blessed with these two ninja fighters who sleep soundly at night. I know Mother’s Day is a day to celebrate all moms, sisters, aunties and daughters. I love being a mom, especially now as I'm writing this while both girls are sound asleep. I just want to give all the late bloomers, early bloomers and everyone else a huge hug and let them know if they gave birth or shared their love with their cousins, nieces or nephews, then -- to me -- they're all mothers. It's the love that all of our kids seek and they don't need to be birthed by you to grow with your love. "Even after all this time, the sun never says to the earth - you owe me." -- Hafez

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