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Sending out an MLM

The New Working Woman

Multi-level marketing lets ladies – and gents – leverage their networks from home.

Over the past few years I have been interested in why many mondern women stay home rather than work in the corporate world. After all, the boardroom largely lacks the innovation of a woman’s point of view.

Companies that have women climbing the corporate ladder, realizing the potential and worth of female executives, tend to try hard to keep the good ones. Of course, the men in such families tend to do their part, too. Often husbands agree to stay home, or they help with arranging childcare and organizing the children’s daily activities. At least that’s an ideal worth striving toward.

But are throngs of educated women merely choosing to stay home? Is it also true that a growing number of those thriving in corporate America are opting to do “their own thing” on the side?

Maybe the landscape has changed. At the end of the day, women need to be inspired by their environment – at work, play or home. So it is not always the role but the people involved in making the role successful. Having the right team at work and at home makes any decision worth it. Maybe it’s a matter of merging those two worlds rather than just struggling with the work-home balance.

I think this is why multi-level marketing (MLM) businesses are booming. Modern women are inspired to add value to their households, something MLMs afford via social networking. Along the way, women – and men – involved in MLMs remain a vital part of the home and community at large. It seems the corporate world is becoming a dinosaur. People are making financial strides on their own time and building empires with their personal networks. You have to admit that by the time you are 40, if not a decade or two earlier, you know valuable people in your network who could use a product, service or opportunity that you could provide as part of an MLM business.

Whether it’s jewelry, skincare or my favorite Epoch essential oils, MLMs service networks of buyers and sellers of everything under the sun. The pendulum is shifting. As someone happily involved in multi-level marketing, I’m fortunate to possess firsthand knowledge of how it’s defining the future of residual income for anyone motivated to seek out the pot of gold.

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