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Kami is an outside of the box thinker who uses her resources wisely and ethically. She gives with gusto where both individuals and community feel it. I've had over a dozen new patients call me that were sourced from her.

Iris Greenfield

Owner, NOA Acupuncture Remedies

We met Kami recently when we were launching our new organic lifestyle restaurant concept. Overnight she took us from a quiet little launch to an energized, exciting, optimistic place in which people were buzzing and talking about us, even reaching out from friends of friends because they wanted to be a part of the grand opening week! 

Michelle Walrath

Founder - Organic Krush

Kami is an influencer, she knows all, and all know her...She will connect you with people that can help you, so they can help them with your products. This is a great strength—her mind is constantly working on how to help you and your business. I can't count the number of customers I have gotten directly from her. Her exposure is helping me more than I ever thought possible.

Natalie Toraty

Owner, Noya Fine Jewelry Store

Kami has helped me tremendously! Since her promotion of my business, I have completed 10 jobs and still have 20 requests for quotes I am following up on. I highly recommend her, she has helped me bring in tens of thousands of dollars into my business. 

Eddie Miraballes

Owner, Gold Coast Fencing

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